For over 50 years, the company VALMAS has been producing and marketing traditional dairy products.

The company started as a family-run business, based in Paleochora of Chalkidiki, on Mount Cholomontas, and developed into a modern enterprise, well-established in the field of dairy products, maintaining the tradition and quality of its products.

Feta Valma

Thanks to its mild, buttery flavour and pleasant, characteristic aroma, the famous Valmas Feta cheese, the flagship of the company's cheeses, has become a popular favourite.

The Valmas Feta can be enjoyed at all times of day, in various ways.

It can easily be cut into slices or diced and used fresh in salads, with fruit or in cooking.

Quality Assurance

Quality Guaranteed

Feta Valmas and all products of Valmas are accompanied by all required certificates (ISO9001 and ISO22000) that prove their unmatched quality.

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